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TATSU for Legacee Denim F/W 2013

sun-sun10-deactivated20131201 asked: 1Get to know you..... 2What is your favorite color? 3Do you prefer sweet or salty? 4Do you have any pet peeves? 5Name one weird habit. 6What's your favorite animal? 7Go out or stay home? 8Mountains or ocean? 9how long was you longest relationship?

1 Japanese Male, Laid back.. very laid back.  2 Yellow and pink. 3 Salty ,4 Pet peeves….dogs in hand bag, pushy religious people. Mom’s who order babycino… 5 Write on sole of new shoes before i wear them outside. 6. Human (Meagan). 7 Stay home thinking of going out. 8 Mountains by the ocean. 9 Almost a decade. 

Zoo Story 2

One of my first shoot took place at Old Zoo in LA. It was 7 years ago. Shooting film and my first DSLR. I revisited the location with Model Chioma whom I did one of the early photoshoots with back in the day. 

It’s been a quite a while since I shoot what I like to shoot, letting my tiny imagination run freely. Help of amazing MUA Aimie, gorgeous Chioma and some of clothing from my dear friend, designer Miguel Torres, I was able to create the images you see above. 



"Mimi and I are like Bonnie and Clyde. Do what others think out of boundary. We both live our lives like no others would do…. The only difference is that we won’t gunned down in the end. We love each other and support each other no matter what. You have no idea what we go through, and what we had gone through. We will show you what love is. We will show you what it takes to love a person. #stay tuned"

Quick shoot at the Group show I did for this month DownTown LA Artwalk.

It was so nice to shoot with Jillian and COMAH.  

The down side


I love Tatsu dearly and he loves me. Which is why this thing works. But…. living in different states really sucks. Not only the distance but we also have a three hour time difference. Which has its downsides.

Our schedules are exactly the opposite. I know not all times will be happy. I have to…

Yes things are tough sometimes, but all will be worth in the end…This distance and time difference taught me how to be patient, be a good listener, and to communicate better and connect better. If we can survive this we can survive any hardships that may come in our future. Love U.

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"When bad things happen, I know you want to believe they are a joke, but sometimes life is scary and dark. That is why we must find the light."


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That’s right BMO…


July 2nd 2013 Tatsu asked me to marry him; In a tent, on a beach, in Malibu, over looking the ocean, at night, under the stars……. It was the most romantic scene I have ever experienced in my life. Now, i don’t want to say to much here so I’m going to post a video on Youtube. Please view my channel for more….Adventures of Black Dynamo &Tasunami

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Please excuse my face. No one told me makeup would be a bad Idea on a hike. It all started to run together, almost blinding with all the mascara in my eyes. Well, Tatsu took me on my fist back pack hike, to Eaton canyon. It was awesome. Early, early in the morning the sun was barely up when we started….by the time we reached the fall the sun was just over the waterfall. I complained the whole way, but he was a trooper. He kept saying just a little further just a little further…although I knew it was crap…it was kinda comforting.  We got to the end of the trail and sat by the falls. Then he gave me a big smooch for not turning back. Yes….hes awesome!

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sun-sun10-deactivated20131201 asked: Tatsu, what was your most memorable moment with me?

At the campsite by the ocean, we cooked,ate, sit by the fire, and I asked you to be mine forever. Although the ocean was rough and weather was bad, I wished you and I could be living in the small tent on the beach for the rest of lives.